Often forgotten among the brighter and more vivid colors, gray diamonds are very elegant and subtle, and also very rare. With hues ranging from pearl gray to anthracite, grey diamonds and fancy grey diamonds are chic and the up and coming jewelry trend. Slight Jewelry uses Grey Diamonds to make beautiful Grey Diamond Rings, Grey Diamond Earrings, and Grey Diamond Necklaces.  We also make custom Fancy Grey Diamond Engagement Rings and Grey Diamond Wedding Bands.
Grey Diamond Ring by Slight Jewelry with 3 Grey Diamonds
Grey Diamond Wedding Band in Rose Gold in a shared-prong setting by Slight Jewelry
Fancy gray diamonds are sometimes termed ‘silver’ – a name which conjures up a far more positive image than ‘gray’, however I prefer grey as it is my favorite color. Grey diamonds take their color from hydrogen – or, more rarely, boron. They are mined in Australia, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and India. They are available in Fancy Light Grey, Fancy Deep Grey, Fancy Dark Grey, Fancy Greyish Blue, Fancy Intense Grey. All of the grey diamonds and fancy grey diamonds used in Slight Jewelry are ethically sourced.
Fancy Grey Diamond Intense and GIA Certified
Fancy Grey Cushion Cut Diamond- Approximately 2.28ct alongside Slight Jewelry Grey Diamond Rings
The Argyle mine (Australia), produces a number of gray-blue diamonds which occasionally have tinges of purple. Those with hints of purple or blue are much more rare, and therefore much more expensive. As with other fancy color diamonds they can be cut in a number of shapes such as round brilliant, cushion, marquise, oval, princess, pear.  
There are even Grey Diamond Slices that can be used in Rings and Earrings.
Grey Diamond Slices for Slight Jewelry 

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